How to Activate a Hannspree Webcam

by Diana Braun
Ubuntu's webcam setup is, increasingly,

Ubuntu's webcam setup is, increasingly, "plug and play" with compatible hardware.

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Hannspree manufactures several laptop models that feature built-in webcams. You must activated the webcam before you can begin using it with your favorite chat programs. The function keys of the Windows operating system give you quick access to activating and using your Hannspree webcam. Although each Hanspree laptop model is different, the webcam feature operates similarly across all models.


Press the “Fn” and “F6” keys simultaneously on your keyboard to activated the Hannspree webcam.


Click “Start” and “Computer.”


Double-click the Hannspree icon to begin using the webcam.


  • If the steps above don’t work with your specific Hannspree laptop model, consult your laptop owner’s manual for the shortcut keys to enable the webcam.

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