How to Convert a PDF to WordPerfect

by G.S. Jackson
Edit text and images in a converted PDF document using Word.

Edit text and images in a converted PDF document using Word.

Screenshot courtesy of Microsoft.

When processing documents within a business setting, it often comes about that incompatible document types cross your desk. Some offices use Microsoft, some, and others Coral WordPerfect. In the case of WordPerfect, you can translate one file to another by opening it in the WordPerfect application and saving it in a new format. For example, to edit a PDF and save it as a WordPerfect file, all you need is WordPerfect to open and convert that file.


Open WordPerfect and click "File," then "Open PDF." Navigate to the desired PDF in the Open File dialog and click "Open."


Make any changes necessary to the file. WordPerfect enables you to manipulate PDF files and save them.


Click on "File," then "Save As." When the Save As dialog window appears, select "WordPerfect (.wpd)" from the file type drop-down menu. Give the file a name and save it.

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