How to Remove Redirecting Adware

by Thomas King
Redirecting adware slows your Web browser.

Redirecting adware slows your Web browser.

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Redirecting adware, also known as Internet redirect viruses and browser hijackers, are malicious programs that take control of your browser. These programs change your home page and redirect Internet searches to commercial websites. Redirecting adware may launch commercial pop-up advertisements, slow your computer and change your system settings. You can remove redirecting adware using Windows Defender, a free program created by Microsoft and included with the Windows Vista and 7 operating systems.


Click "Start," then "All Programs" and select "Windows Defender." Windows Defender opens.


Click "Tools," then "Options."


Check the box next to "Check for Updated Definitions before Scanning."


Click "Save."


Click the down arrow next to "Scan" and select "Full Scan" from the drop-down menu. Windows Defender scans your computer and removes any redirecting adware that it detects. This may take anywhere from several minutes to several hours.

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