How to Send Appointments to an iPhone Calendar

by Avery Martin
Sync Outlook and iPhone calendars to keep your life on track.

Sync Outlook and iPhone calendars to keep your life on track.

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If your business uses Apple Mail, Outlook or Windows Address Book, you can sync your appointments to your iPhone calendar. Once synced, each time you connect your iPhone to your computer, your appointments automatically update. This helps ensure that the appointments from your computer match the appointments scheduled in your iPhone and vice-versa. By syncing your calendars between your devices, you can keep track of important business meetings, events and client meetings.


Connect your iPhone to your computer, launch iTunes and then click on your iPhone in the Devices section.


Click the "Info" button and then scroll down and click the "Sync Calendars" option. Then, select whether you want to sync "All Calendars" or "Selected Calendars." If you choose Selected Calendars, then you need to individually select the items you want to sync.


Click "Apply" to sync your appointments to your iPhone.


  • In the Sync Calendars section, you can specify the time limit for synced items. The default setting is to not sync items older than 30 days.

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