How to Stop Apps From Running in the Background in Windows 7

by Ryan Menezes
Background apps eat up Windows 7 resources.

Background apps eat up Windows 7 resources.

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You can shut down any background app in Windows 7 through the Task Manager, but this isn't a permanent solution. If the app's own settings tell it to load at startup, it will run again in the background the next time you restart your computer. To permanently stop the app from running it the background, remove it from your list of start-up programs. Windows will then load slightly faster, and your active programs will gain access to more available memory.


Click the "Start" button followed by "Control Panel" to open the Control Panel.


Click "Category" in the "View By" drop-down box. Click "System Security" and "Administrative Tools."


Double-click "System Configuration," and then click the System Configuration window's "Startup" tab.


Uncheck a box next to an application to remove it from your start-up list.


Restart your computer to run Windows 7 without the app running in the background.

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