How to Turn off the Invisible Grid in PowerPoint

by Andrew Tennyson

Although the invisible PowerPoint grid can help you align objects in your business’ presentations, sometimes the grid can prevent you from moving objects to your desired location. That can be frustrating, especially if you’ve decided to throw off the yoke of geometry. Whatever your reasons for abandoning the invisible grid, PowerPoint features a Grid Settings menu you can tweak so that you are free to arrange objects however you like in your business' presentations.


Launch PowerPoint and open the presentation you want to edit.


Click “Arrange” in the Drawing group on the Home tab. The Arrange submenu appears.


Hover your pointer over “Align” on the Arrange submenu and then click “Grid Settings.”


Click the check boxes next to “Snap objects to other objects” and “Snap objects to grid.” Both check boxes should be unchecked to turn off all invisible grid tools.

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