How to Use Marquee in Outlook

by Ryan Menezes
Marquee text scrolls across the screen like a news ticker.

Marquee text scrolls across the screen like a news ticker.

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Marquee text, which slides from one side of a Web page to the other, is a way to add animation using basic HTML Web programming language. When your email client supports HTML, as Microsoft Outlook does, you can insert marquee elements into your outgoing messages. Note, however, that marquee text distracts from the surrounding email and can be difficult to read. Messages containing marquee elements may appear tacky or outdated, which could give a bad impression of your business.


Click "File" in the Outlook ribbon and click "Options" to open the Outlook Options windows.


Click "Mail" in the sidebar.


Click the drop-down box labeled "Compose messages in this format" and click "HTML." Click "OK."


Click "New Email" to compose a new message.


Insert a "marquee" tag with a "direction" attribute, followed by the text you want to display, and type an ending "marquee" tag. The "direction" tag specifies the direction toward which you want the text to scroll. For example, 1-800-555-NOSE inserts a marquee that moves toward the left and displays "1-800-555-NOSE."

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